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3 Wrestling Matches - you may be facing

When we pray we want to reach a place of rest and peace -- a place where we feel God's comfort and know we're on the same page with Him, in the center of His will. But to get to that place of rest sometimes requires us to first go through a time of WRESTLING. Jesus "wrestled" in prayer in the Garden (Mat 26), Paul "wrestled" in prayer because of the thorn in his flesh (2 Cor 12), and Jacob had a literal wrestling match with God in Gen 32.

Maybe you're avoiding getting alone in prayer with God because you know there are some issues you need to wrestle with Him about. To encourage you to get into the ring, here's a list of 3 issues you may be facing and what your prayer to God might sound like:

1. Unforgiveness

You might pray: "God, those people hurt me. Why did You let it happen? and now that it happened, why are You letting them get away with it? The Bible says 'Vengeance is Mine sayeth the LORD' -- so why don't You get some vengeance rolling here. ... But the truth is You love them as much as You love me. And You told me to love my enemies and bless those that curse me ... and to turn the other cheek. You said to 'count it all joy'.  How can I do that? ... Help me to do that."

2. Temptation

You might pray: "God, I really want to do this thing -- but it looks pretty clear in Your word that You say it's a sin. Everyone I know here on earth thinks it's okay -- but they're not You. You promised to give me a way of escape from temptation. You told me if I submit to You and resist the devil, the devil would flee. Help me to submit to You. Help me to want You and Your perfect way."

3. Doubt

You might pray: "God, why do you let bad things happen to good people? I don't understand. The truth is I'm angry at You. But I know You love me, and You've done so much for me that I don't deserve. You promised us that You're building a new world where there's no pain and death. You ask me to believe in You. Help me to believe. Please give me Your comfort that is beyond my understanding."

© 2016 Chuck Love

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