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... so that the world may believe - John 17:21

Get out of the Box

Our culture and traditions are ingrained in us and effect how we see ourselves and the world around us. Our culture and traditions aren’t bad (they’re part of what makes us human), but they can be a hindrance to us if they keep us from experiencing the supernatural life in Christ which transcends our culture and traditions. Our way of doing things seems natural and intuitive to us but may really be a box trapping us inside and limiting our ability to experience the awesome spiritual reality that passes human understanding.

By the power of the Holy Spirit and through our faith in God and His word, we need to get out the box!

The people of Jesus’ hometown couldn’t experience His miraculous power because to them Jesus would always just be the son of a carpenter (Luke 4:16-30). How could a normal guy, who was like everybody else from Nazareth, really be the Messiah?!?  Their minds couldn’t expand out of the box to consider His amazing words, to look into the prophecies about Him in Scripture, and to accept Him as the their Messiah, the Christ, Immanuel – “God with us”.

Today, could we be missing out on the move of God like they did? Could Are we be missing revival and spiritual breakthrough because we’ve already pre-packaged Jesus in a box. We already know what church is supposed to be like … we know what the Christian life involves … we know what results to expect and what is required of us. We’ve got our “Christianity” neatly packaged in a box. That’s dangerous.

Let’s ask Christ to break us out our box so we can truly consider the amazing words of Jesus, apply the perfect profundity of Scripture to our lives, and impact the world like saints filled with the almighty Spirit of God.

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