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Does God hear the prayers of non-believers?

"Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians?"  As a kid, I remember hearing that question and thinking it really misses the point and misunderstands who God is. ... God hears and knows absolutely everything.  Of course He hears the prayers and deepest thoughts of every human being on earth. There is nothing that can be hidden from Him. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

A  better question is "Does God answer the prayers of non-Christians? ... The answer to that is at the very heart of the Gospel. God loves everyone in the world and sent His Son to die for their sins. He is ready and waiting to save anyone in the entire world no matter what they've done or how deep they are in darkness and spiritual captivity. Anyone can call out at this moment to Almighty God, admitting their sin, believing in Jesus' work of salvation, and confessing that He is Lord, and God will hear them and save them!

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Thank you for the thoughts. I've often wondered if God hears prayers of non- believers. Thanks for giving new insight.