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... so that the world may believe - John 17:21

David and Jonathan

David and Jonathan were very serious warriors.  Israelite women sang about David killing tens of thousands of Philistines.  And once Jonathan single-handedly killed 20 enemy soldiers in an area about half an acre in size.

But even though they were tough guys, they were able to show God’s love and compassion. They became close friends, helping each other in times of trouble and encouraging each other to do God’s will.  As followers of Christ, we need to be serious about His work while being sensitive enough to develop relationships like the one between David and Jonathan.

Men sometimes have trouble opening up to each other, expressing love, and asking for help when they need it. And unfortunately, many men are AWOL from church and acting as poor examples for their families. 

Let’s focus on the work that Christ has called us to do and bond together as servants.

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